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We say fond farewells to a couple of our residents. We say goodbye to Mike Northcott, husband of Hilary and Dad to Glen and Ang, and to Pam Kelly, wife of Bernard, Mum to Lesley and David. Our condolences to all the families.

Our course, this month, we also say a fond farewell to our Rev. Marilyn who is off to pastures new to enjoy her retirement. We would like to thank her for all her sterlingwork in our parishes and to say what a joy it has been to work with her in her time here. We hope you and David enjoy your well earned rest and wont forget to come and see us from time to time.



Hilary,Glenn & Ang would like to thank everyone who sent us condolence cards, messages, flowers and plants when Mike passed away. For those who stood up on the main road to pay their respects as the Hearse passed and Dylan’s digger with the bucket up in the air really touched us, thanks.

Also for the donations for Cornwall Air Ambulance in memory of Mike and to Rev. Marilyn for conducting the service. Hilary would like to say thank you to those who offered to get shopping and Prescriptions during the lockdown and enquiring that Mike and I were ok so much appreciated.



Lanreath's New Plant Stand A new plant stand is situated outside Lanreath Shop and Post Office. Following the collapse of the old one in January of this year, due to exceptionally wet and windy weather, funding for a new one was sought from the Bocaddon Wind Turbine Fund which supports community projects. Happily, funding was granted and the new stand was built by Rob Riley from the village. The stand now needs a name, and members of the community are invited to put their suggestions in a box situated in the shop. Peter Seaman who is chairman of the Parish Council, has kindly agreed to choose an appropriate name, and the winner will receive a voucher for £25 to spend as they wish from the plant stand. The closing date for entries is Friday 14th August.


Lanreath Community Shop and Post Office News.

Special Offers

Good News Offers Have Resumed.

Lucozade 1litre bottle £1

McVities Chocolate biscuits £1

McCoy’s crisps 2 for £1.50

Muller Corners £2.25

Robinson's cordials 2 for £2.50


Name Lanreath’s New Plant Stand Competition We have a new plant stand which is situated outside Lanreath Shop and Post Office. Following the collapse of the previous one in January of this year, due to exceptionally wet and windy weather, funding for a new one. Happily, funding was granted and the new stand was built by Rob Riley from the village. The stand now needs a name, and members of the community are invited to put their suggestions in a box in the shop. Peter Seaman, chairman of the Parish Council has very kindly agreed to choose an appropriate name from the suggestion given and the winner will be given a £25 voucher to spend as they wish from the plant stand. Closing date for entries is Friday 14th August.


BBQ Weather We have all your BBQ needs, charcoal, disposable BBQs, Bosuen Manor 4oz and 8oz burgers and a range of BBQ meat from Joe's.

Bosuen Manor meat is from a farm at South Park just minutes down the road. The animals are reared and butchered onsite so you can't get more local than that!


Book Store If you are bored and looking for a good read, we stock a range of books from local author Ruth Saberton. All her stories are based in Cornwall. She has kindly signed several copies for us.


Bank Holiday A reminder that Monday 31st August is a bank holiday. The Post Office will be closed, and the shop will be open 9am-12pm.


Stamp Presentation Pack. Stamp presentation packs on sale 18th August celebrate the detective Sherlock Holmes.


Covid 19 A reminder that, during the coronavirus pandemic, we can only accept a maximum of 3 people at a time and shoppers must wear masks. We are sorry for any convenience caused. We would like to thank our customers for all their support during these challenging times. 





Marilyn’s Final Musings


Doesn’t time fly when you are enjoying yourself? And time has certainly flown for me, not only recently during the Coronavirus pandemic when ‘church’ life has been oh so different, but in the seven and a half years since David and I moved into The Rectory in Lanreath when I became Priest in Charge of Pelynt and Lanreath and Assistant Curate of Lansallos, Lanteglos-by-Fowey and Talland. During my incumbency we have formed those five parishes of seven churches into one ‘united’ benefice – at which point I became The Rector of The Benefice of Trelawny. Each of our parishes had historic links with the Trelawny family and as such we already had something to unite us. My thanks go to Sir John Trelawny for agreeing to our using his name and the family crest in our correspondence.

Since arriving in February 2013 it has been my privilege to accompany you through the highs and lows of life which has included 190+ funerals, 83 weddings and 81 baptisms together with innumerable Sunday and weekday services, Carol services, Christingles, Church and village fetes, visits to schools, nursing homes, holiday clubs, village panto, fun days together with school visits (for teaching and ‘Experience Days’) and Nativity plays in Church – O yes, and teaching on baptism and weddings when, on a couple of occasions, I ‘married’ Minnie and Ginger, characters from a children’s book and re-enacted by children from Pelynt Reception - each of these I hold very dear to my heart.

When I announced my retirement earlier this year, we had no idea that Covid 19 was going to have such a devastating effect on church and parish life – sadly I was withdrawn from ‘public’ ministry for three months which meant I was unable to officiate at some funerals and of course numerous weddings which have now been postponed until either later this year and even way into 2021!

I write this on July 4th – Independence Day – the anniversary of my Ordination to the priesthood - the day the government announced ‘public worship’ may resume. Sadly it took a week for the Government to announce official guidance around that opening, then for the Church of England to issue their guidance and then of course the Church PCCs have had to undertake risk assessments, thorough cleaning and debate what is practical and doable – for Lanreath it will be to remain closed whilst remedial work is carried out on the West wall of the church and review the situation again in September, for others within the Benefice there will be a gradual opening up – baby steps - to ensure everyone’s safety and wellbeing, but as I write, I know we will not be permitted to sing within our buildings!

Although this is my ‘farewell’ musings as your Rector, you are not getting rid of me quite yet, as I will be back next year, because Bishop Philip has given me ‘special permission’ to return to officiate at weddings booked up to and including the end of July 2021 – so I may well see you amongst the congregation then – that is, in the hope that weddings will be back to some sort of ‘normality’ next year, but suspect they and Church services as a whole will evolve as a ‘new normality’ – only time will tell. And so my friends this is a fond farewell, not goodbye from me, and although Dave and I will be moving across the border into Devon, I will definitely still put jam first!!

Blessings to you all,






£20 – Anonymous

£50 – Lanreath Community Spirit

£60 – Good Companions Coffee morning

£90 – Rabbit Raffle

£50 – Amenities Group

£35 – Shop collection tin

£345 – Bocaddon Turbine Fund

Total achieved £650

Many thanks to everybody who kindly donated, also thank you to Envys Johns for giving me the inspiration to start fund raising. We have achieved our target and the Weathervane will be back in place hopefully within the next couple of weeks weather permitting.


+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++IF YOU ARE SELF ISOLATING DUE TO COVID 19, LANREATH IS HERE TO HELP



MANY DOLLIMORE—07970 992402

ENFYS JOHNS—0503 220575






1. Plan ahead, allow extra time for your journey and try to travel at off-peak times, where possible.

2. From 15th June you must wear a face covering on public transport in England.

3. Use contactless to pay or have the exact change.

4. Buses will have limited capacity. If your bus has a BUS FULL sign please be prepared to wait for the next bus.

5. Let people off the bus before you get on.

6. Keep a safe social distance from others, 2m apart where possible—at the bus stop and on board.

7. Sit in the window seat, leaving the seats in front and behind you empty and don't sit directly behind the driver.

8. Only one person can sit on a double seat, unless you are with a member of your household.

9. Don’t stand on the bus.

10. Wash or sanitise your hands before and after your journey.

                                                                          STAY SAFE EVERYONE!



Although the Group are not meeting at present, they are individually doing jobs in the Community Garden, which is their main project for this year. The tiered flower display is coming into flower beautifully at the moment and the two apple trees are growing quite rapidly. The two raised beds have had some vegetables and tomatoes planted in them.

Thank you to those who have used this space for their spare plants. There is a small quantity of salad leaves that are ready to be picked and also some curly kale. Just pick off some leaves as many as you want and leave them to grow on. Please feel free to go in and help yourselves. We are hoping there will be some more veg eventually.

The Group have recently taken possession of a lovely little arbour and another picnic table and John is hoping to go in shortly to give the arbour a coat of stain. It is so lovely in there to just go in and sit and read or let the children play or even have a picnic. There is plenty of space to enjoy yourselves. The Group are looking for wooden pallets to make some pallet furniture. If you have some to spare or would like to have a go at ,making some furniture for them then contact Dave Moore on 07833473122 or 221094.

Would you like to become a member of the Group and help out with keeping the village tidy and weed free.? They desperately need more members so again.,contact Dave.




 Minutes of online Parish Council Meeting held on 21st July 2020 Commencing 19.34

Present: Mr P Seaman – Chair, Mr R Pugh (County Councillor), Mrs E Lee, Miss J Tamblyn. Miss S Cave, Mr P Bartram, Mr D Pugh, Mr Paul Meatyard, Mr John Williams, Mrs R Warren (Clerk)


The Chair welcomed everyone to the Parish Council Meeting. It was unanimously agreed to hold the meeting online.

Apologies - None

No members of the public – there had not been any requests for an invitation.

No interests to disclose by any councillors

Minutes of the meeting 16th June 2020 - unanimously approved with one amendment to any other business, which Clerk will attend to and then forward to Chairman for signature.

Matters arising

Village Toilet – a Covid awareness notice is in place, as are hand sanitiser and wipes. Chairman will ensure that it is kept supplied. Cleaner is aware of need to advise when stocks need replenishing. Millennium Building Weathervane – this will be installed shortly, awaiting loan of a ladder. Horse Chestnut tree – unable to report as to whether photos have been taken.

Electric vehicle charging point – no response to the requests for community feedback placed in the Lifestyle magazine

Online banking – Clerk has to submit a further form of application, that which she submitted in June was rejected by the bank. A correct form has now been completed, and checked with the bank, and is ready for signature save for determining whether as RFO the Clerk should have full access to all three accounts to make online payments as authorised by the council or by the Financial Standing Orders. After discussion unanimously agreed that Clerk should have full access to all three bank accounts and complete the Bank form accordingly. Clerk will get form signed and sent to the bank as soon as possible. The Council further resolved to close the dormant Millennium account and pay the closing balance into the current/cheque account.

Photographs – Chairman will place a board with all Councillors names and photos on it in the Village Hall when it reopens, awaiting photo of Miss J Tamblyn. Only the phone numbers for the Chairman and Clerk will go onto the boardVillage

Bus Timetables – Mr R. Pugh has obtained a full timetable which is available in the shop. He will obtain a few more copies in due course, but the timetable for the village bus is in the Lifestyle magazine. Usage is not known but uptake may be poor due to the older people in the village shielding against Covid 19.

Dog fouling in Rally Close – although there have been no more complaints from Rally Close, there is a further issue related to this in that a complaint has been made to a councillor about the lack of a dog waste bin at the village hall. Chairman has enquired as to whether one of the other dog waste bins in the village could be moved to the village hall, but placed in a position close to the entrance so as to facilitate collection by Biffa. This has been agreed by Cornwall Council. The Village Hall Management Committee will need to be consulted - Clerk will attend to this. The dog waste bin from the Church layby can be moved to the new location and will be emptied by Biffa under their Council contract. There have been no further complaints of dog fouling at Rally Close, but there have been incidents at the Millennium Green on more than one occasion. Unable to identify the dog owner/s responsible but in an effort to dissuade them Council unanimously resolved that Clerk should include an item about this problem in her monthly report in the Lifestyle magazine and Chairman to place an item on the website. Two councillors are trained regarding sending report cards about dog fouling to Cornwall Council, ultimately leading to a Dog Warden intervention. Skid mark “signatures” – no further occurrences.

Construction at Meadow Road – having spoken to an occupier of the property the Chairman was informed that the intended construction is intended as a swimming pool, which he was advised by Cornwall Council Enforcement Team should be reported. He has done so, and in due course the planning enforcement officer will determine whether the structure is in breach of planning regulations. Due to a back log this may take many weeks.

Football pitch – nothing from Cornwall Council since the last Lanreath Parish Council meeting. Correspondence Cornwall Council Weekly planning reports – A pre-app for a proposed amendment to a previously granted planning application for single storey to two storey barn conversion at Teacoombe has been submitted. As this is a pre-app no submissions regarding this have been requested of this Council. Report Card Training this is now done online, and the last session was 9th July. Chairman will circulate details of any future sessions as and when he receives them. 

Rural Services Network – they are canvassing local opinion as how best to revitalise rural areas, but feedback is required by end of July, which is very little time to seek community feedback. They appear to have many good ideas at the Rural network but no specifics as to how to implement. Their funding digest is a comprehensive compilation of various bodies with funding to give community projects and is a useful resource for our Parish.

Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust thank you letter for the donation from the Council Lanreath PCC – letter of thanks for the donation

Facebook – wasps - - there was a report on Facebook of wasps at Grylls Park. They are in the wall of a residential property owned by an elderly individual and as such it was decided this is not for the Council to resolve. Cornwall Council do not provide pest control for wasps in privately owned residential property. Nothing to report as to the complaint of wasps at Meadow Road.

Joseph Hennessey - this Manchester University research student has requested assistance regarding our neighbourhood plan, he has sent a link to a questionnaire. Chairman will respond. Pickleball – there has been an email request for the basketball court in the play area at the village hall to be marked out for pickleball. Clerk advised that she believed the markings would be of a type that over time would wear away rather than being permanent, and on this basis, it was unanimously approved.

Lady Birds Report Lanreath Ladybirds 2019/2020 Report from Mrs Sandra Pipe The group had yet another successful year with consistent numbers from surrounding farms and villages, we also have had new families attend from the village who have settled in well and are enjoying the facility that we have. We are constantly grateful for being able to have the facilities of the hall whereby we can have a varied amount of activities out for the children weekly and being in an excellent location for people to attend. Over the years I have always expressed how important this group is for the Mums. It’s a great link of communication weekly, strong friendships have and still keep developing. The children are in a safe, and secure setting and have access to important development activities and skills alongside others. We are extremely fortunate to have a good volunteer committee on board, a great setting with the hall and are always very appreciative to the Parish Council for being included in the precept monies. Good quality equipment is always expensive and over the years we have built up a good selection from the early days when the school closed and we had absolutely nothing other than a couple of play cars and three chairs handed down from the school.Our current situation is obviously we have shut since the start of the corvid virus and very much hope to return in September we have recently purchased all of the sanitising equipment to start the sessions with and to follow the necessary guidelines from the Cornwall Early Years team. Mums and children very much need to be back fingers crossed.

Planning PA20/05165 - The Council has previously submitted comments regarding this site, and the only change in the current application is that the applicant has provided more evidence regarding how long the mobile home has been continually occupied. Clerk to submit our comment via the Cornwall Council planning portal as per the Council’s previous resolution. ‘Lanreath Parish Council has no knowledge of, and is therefore unable to comment on, matters of fact related to this application and the associated documents available on the Planning Portal.’

Punchbowl Inn refurbishment - the application for this must be fully considered and comments submitted by 31st July, so an extraordinary meeting is required for that and to enable public participation. It was resolved that there be an Extraordinary Meeting of Lanreath Parish Council on Tuesday 28th July 2020 7.30pm online with a single agenda item. The documents, and in particular the plans and the design and access statement are available on the Cornwall Council website application number PA20/00101. Mr R Pugh will endeavour to speak with the homeowner providing access for the proposed works at the Punchbowl Inn before the meeting on 28th July.

Climate change Miss S. Cave gave a full report as to her continuing work for the Parish Council in keeping up to date with developments locally and nationally. There have been delays in the progress of some initiatives due to Covid 19. There apparently was a community network event on 17th June but no invitation had been received by Clerk or Councillors. Miss Cave will follow up with David Read of CC Localism Team for an update on the next scheduled Community Network Area Meeting.

An electric charging point in the village may be required in the future but if this were to be an on-street residential ChargePoint it would have to be funded by Cornwall Council. Terra cycling – items that are not accepted on Cornwall Council recycling centres – has taken off at South Hill with bins for residents that are emptied and sorted by volunteers. These programs are either brand sponsored, or generic, for example crisp packets. The general programs are currently fully subscribed, but Miss Cave will keep this under review. Mr R Pugh will endeavour to arrange a visit to the Bodmin recycling centre for Miss J Tamblyn and Miss S Cave.

Discussion regarding possible government grants for solar panels, which Mr P Bartram will investigate and report to the Clerk for her to publicise.Chairman thanked Miss Cave for continuing to follow up on the topic of climate change for the Council.

9. Finance Chairman shared on screen the new format spreadsheets and Clerk explained that the budget figures could now be directly related to expenditure, and any under or over spends identified. Payments of invoices as per the agenda, plus August Dunn and Dusted and South West Water invoices unanimously approved. Discussion as to how the water charges for the shop and toilet are calculated when there is no meter, agreed not to query this with South West Water, and to accept their estimated invoices. Clerk reported that as per the Accounting Record there is £609.41 available in the Current account and that the approved payments come to a total of £1,320.15 so a transfer from the Deposit account will be required. It was proposed and unanimously approved that there be a transfer in the sum of £1,000. 10. Bank reconciliation 30th June 2020 Bank statement as at end of June £2,280.47, as per the reconciliation.

11. Future conduct of Parish business The Village Hall should be available for Parish Council meetings from September onwards, but government regulations amended for COVID 19 still provide for meetings to take place remotely where possible. Resolved that meetings continue online until at least September, and reviewed at that month’s meeting.

12. County Councillor’s Report Mr R Pugh reported that he had spent the best part of three days in committee meetings dealing with some difficult issues of conduct – by Councillors, and by members of the public. There was an incident in Duloe some week or so previously when an argument between two people ended with armed police and the helicopter attending. After some discussion regarding police operations in the parish it was resolved that the Chairman will write to PC Cocks and ask for his report for the September meeting. Cornwall Council is putting considerable effort into tracing ash die back trees that border roads, and could cause problems. Land owners.

13. Parish Problems The take away service from Tipsy Cow has been suspended due to the unsuitability of the Village Hall kitchen. To be reviewed by the Village Hall Management Committee at their next meeting in August.

A large loosely filled hole on the Boddinick Road near where Chairman lives has been left since before the Covid lockdown and is a major traffic concern as it restricts the road to a single carriageway marked by signs/cones with no traffic controls in place. The situation is to be reviewed for safety concerns after the Chairman contacted Cornwall Council. It is hoped that it will be fully repaired by August.

The Chairman gave a summary of the contents of an eight-page pamphlet published by St Pinnock Parish Council detailing their reasons for opposition to the Suez proposals for the Connon Bridge site. Currently the legislation does not require an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to be submitted as part of the Planning Application for the construction of food and medical waste collection and transfer facilities for a site of the size proposed. Suez propose submitting a limited EIA and have submitted a Request for Scoping opinion to Cornwall planning. The present licence permits up to 49,000 tonnes per year, but Suez intend to apply for this limit to be removed to ensure the future of the site. Suez state that 45,000 tonnes per year are being processed currently. Emissions to air, ecology, landscape, and cultural heritage are not matters Suez propose covering in the EIA, but traffic, noise, and ground conditions would be. Mr R Pugh stated that Cornwall Council were closing their St Austell site and the waste would then be processed at Connon Bridge, which would include processing road scalpings and sweepings. He expressed the opinion that the County Council was being mendacious in its dealings with the public over this matter.

The rose arbour and log roll edging have been installed in the community garden, adding to the work of volunteers in making it a pleasant space for parishioners to use.

Mr P Bartram enquired of the Chairman whether the steel work at the Millennium Building had been dealt with. Chairman has been fully engaged in the role of Clerk prior to Mrs Warren’s appointment, but will now seek quotes for the work required.

14. Any other business Clerk requested permission to destroy old documents that had been passed on to her previously having been stored by the former Clerk. It was proposed that she prepare and circulate a list of the documents to be destroyed for consideration at their September meeting, and this was unanimously approved.

15. Public Participation - None

16. Date and time of next meeting Extraordinary meeting Online Tuesday 28th July 2020 at 7.30pm The meeting closed at 21.45





Our first month of being open has been an interesting time. We weren’t sure what to expect but we have loved seeing all our friends again. Opening night was such a great atmosphere and we couldn’t have asked for better, with everyone sticking to the guidelines we have had to put in place. We had our first quiz night, which we’ve decided to continue as a regular Monday night slot!! If you’d like to take part over the next few weeks, we are asking that people book a table for a team of up to 6. We have had the disappointment of not being able to continue our food service, as most of you will know by now. But, not looking to dwell on this, we are looking at alternative options!! We are hoping to be able to bring the Tipsy Cow burger back in the not too distant this space!

As for august, we are still feeling our way with events we can and can’t hold. By the time you read this we will have had our first live outdoor music event with The Huckleberry Fins returning to the village!! We envisage this will be a brilliant evening and following on from this we will be looking at inviting other bands to perform for us. As I said the Monday quiz will be a regular feature and we will keep you updated with any new events via our Facebook page, our new website or by chalkboards at the shop and flyers.

Thanks as ever for your continued support The Tipsy Cow Team


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THE MOBILE LIBRARY VAN comes to Lanreath on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at the Punch Bowl Car Park at 11.35am—11.55 am.



HOUSEHOLD WASTE & RECYCLING COLLECTION SERVICES - Please ensure that your waste and recycling is placed outside to be collected from 7 am on the relevant day/week. If your waste is not available when the crew arrive to pick it up, it cannot be collected. The crew will not return to collect later. If it is not collected you should take it back in and present for collection next week or take it to the tip yourself. Waste must be contained in a plastic sack for collection. In order to prevent spillages or animal attack you may wish to also use a bin, protective cover or thick sacks.

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