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This page contains a range of articles, information and correspondence received by Lanreath Parish Council that may be of interest to the wider community.

Cornwall Council Leader - Listening to Residents Event 2024

Cllr Linda Taylor, Leader of Cornwall Council, will be out and about again during May and June, to hear from residents across Cornwall.


She is really looking forward to meeting people from your local area and hearing from them about what's on their mind.  We are also hoping to hear from them about our Council priorities which are 'how we can work with communities for a Carbon Neutral Cornwall, where everyone can start well, live well and age well'.

Cornwall Young Farmers - Activity Days

Cornwall Young Farmers in association with Action for Children - Kernow Connect are organising free activity days for young people. To access the internet booking links please download the pdf version of this poster on the button below.

Latest Clean Cornwall Newsletter

Clean Cornwall is a partnership supported by volunteers, community groups, local organisations, Biffa, Cornwall Council and CRCC working together for a cleaner Cornwall. To download a copy of Clean Cornwall's latest newsletter please click on the button below.

CORMAC Community Volunteering

The Cormac Volunteer Scheme is a facility via which individuals or local community groups can identify Cornwall Council owned/managed spaces and work to enhance them. The scheme is largely driven by the desires of the volunteers involved – examples being everything from groups involved in enhancing large public open spaces, through to individuals who tend small flower beds, or weed footpaths.


If you would be interested in volunteering either as individual or part of a group a copy of the Volunteer Scheme Induction pack may be downloaded from the button below.  

Age UK coach trip to the Royal Cornwall Show

Age UK Cornwall & Isles of Scilly are offering a coach trip to this year’s Royal Cornwall Show in Wadebridge on Saturday 8th June.  We are offering transportation to and from the showground, entry to the showground and a pasty lunch in our marquee, at the reduced cost of £14.75 per person.  To meet the criteria for this offer, an attendee must be aged 50 or over and live in postcode areas specified on the attached invitation letter, as coaches will be picking up people and groups from locations in these areas. 


If you have any queries regarding the event and this offer, please reply by email to jeffrey.edwards@ageukcornwall.org.uk , or if you would prefer to speak to someone, please contact Ann Lewis, Director of Transport, on 01872 223388 or 01872 266384.


The invitation letter, booking form and attendee details form may be downloaded from the button links below: 


New waste service is starting from Monday 8 April

The new weekly food waste and fortnightly rubbish collection service starts in South East Cornwall from Monday 8 April.


The date of each household’s first collection on the new service will vary according to where they live in South East Cornwall and where their property sits in the new collection round schedule.


You can find the date of your first collection and new collection day in the Go Collection Calendar that was posted to you in March or by going to www.cornwall.gov.uk/myarea and entering your address.


Please see www.cornwall.gov.uk/wastechanges for all the information and key transactions you need to switch to the new service


Other Useful Links:


Refer to

First collection on new service


New collection day


New collection calendar

See the Go Collection Calendar posted to homes in March.


Visit www.cornwall.gov.uk/myarea and enter the property address

How to recycle food waste

Visit www.cornwall.gov.uk/foodrecycling

Rubbish reduction tips

Visit www.cornwall.gov.uk/wastechanges and click the ‘Tips to reduce your rubbish’ tile

Missing or damaged bins

Visit www.cornwall.gov.uk/wastechanges and click the ‘Tell us there’s a problem with your bins’ tile

Apply to exchange bin or sack

Visit www.cornwall.gov.uk/wastechanges and click the ‘About your new bins’ tile

Rubbish limit


Visit www.cornwall.gov.uk/wastechanges Click ‘How to use your new rubbish service’ tile

Apply for extra bin

Visit www.cornwall.gov.uk/wastechanges Click ‘About your new bins’ tile and Click ‘Apply to us to review your fortnightly rubbish limit link

Rubbish reduction tips

Visit www.cornwall.gov.uk/wastechanges and click the ‘Tips to reduce your rubbish’ tile

Lost Get Ready, Get Set, Go instruction leaflets

Visit www.cornwall.gov.uk/wastechanges for copies of the leaflets and how to use the service

Face-to-face support

Future events are listed here: Talk to us face-to-face at a community roadshow



Contacting Cornwall Council

The most efficient way of finding out further information is to access the online links detailed on this page, however, it is recognised that not all residents have access to online services. For those that do not have internet access, Cornwall Council may be contacted by telephone at 0300 1234 141 for queries or problems regarding recycling and rubbish collection. Phone lines open at 10am on

Wednesdays, 9am on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and close at 6pm.




Check your collection calendar

The new service starts in rollout area 2 from 8 April 2024. Most people's collection day will change when their new service starts, so it’s important to double check. This information is included in the Go! leaflet which we posted out in March. Residents can also go the My Area section of our website and enter their address to see their property information: https://cornwall.gov.uk/my-area/


Old bin collections and recycling

Residents won't be able to use their existing rubbish bins once the new service starts. We encourage everybody to consider reusing their old bin as a garden water butt, a compost bin, a place to store firewood, or for rinsing out wet suits. If not, we can collect and - where possible - recycle it once the new service has started. Residents must sign up by midnight on 10 April 2024. https://www.cornwall.gov.uk/rubbish-recycling-and-waste/new-food-waste-recycling-and-rubbish-service/ask-us-to-recycle-your-old-bin/


• Bins that haven’t been delivered:

If for any reason residents have received their bins or food waste caddies, they must let us know via our website (www.cornwall.gov.uk/wastechanges ).


• Keep recycling!


We will all need to recycle our food waste, cardboard, glass, plastics, cans, paper and textiles. New or replacement bags can be ordered via our website (www.cornwall.gov.uk/recycling).

Measles Awareness

Measles Awareness and MMR Vaccination


Cases of measles are rising across England, including among children. It’s an infection that spreads very easily and for some people can cause serious problems. It is particularly easy to catch in environments when in close contact with others, such as nurseries and schools. There are currently large outbreaks in London and Birmingham, and we have experienced some outbreaks in the south-west already. We anticipate that it is only a matter of time before we see measles outbreaks in Cornwall.


The best protection against measles for children and adults is to get both doses of the MMR vaccine.


Key messages

·        MMR is a preschool vaccination normally given at 12 months and 3 year 4 months to protect against Measles, Mumps and Rubella. Parents and guardians should be encouraged to check their children’s MMR status in their red book, or contact their GP practice as soon as possible if they are not sure.

·        it is never too late to catch up on any missed MMR vaccinations,  contact your GP to book an appointment.

·        Symptoms include a high fever, sore red watery eyes and a blotchy red-brown rash.

·        Measles often starts as cold-like symptoms. NHS guidance says it is fine to send a child to school with a minor cough or common cold, provided they don’t have a temperature. School attendance is vitally important to childrens’ learning and health.

·        If a child has measles they should stay off nursery or school for at least 4 days from when the rash first appears, and avoid close contact with babies and anyone who is pregnant or has a weakened immune system.


What you can do to help


·        Check your own and your family’s MMR vaccination status and book vaccinations with your GP if you are unvaccinated or only partially vaccinated. MMR is given over two doses, and both doses are needed for full protection. 

Veterans Regroup

Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Integrated Care System Newsletter

The NHS Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Integrated Care System publish a monthly newsletter. Rather than replicate an extensive web based report on this Parish Notice Board the information can be accessed via:


News and Events - NHS Cornwall and Isles of Scilly (icb.nhs.uk)


Should you wish to subscribe directly to the newsletter this can be done by clicking on the link below:


Know someone else who would like to receive this bulletin? They can subscribe here.


Victims of Crime Support

Lerryn C of E Primary School

To download our brochure detailing what the school has to offer please click on the button below or visit our website.


Duchy Health Charity Cost of Living Crisis Fund

At the start of 2023 the Duchy Health Charity Board recognised that the high price of energy and the fastest rise in living costs experienced within a lifetime is impacting heavily on those on low incomes and with underlying health concerns.


The Trustees agreed to set aside £50,000 to meet the most urgent calls for help and asked Cornwall Community Foundation (CCF) to manage the distribution of funds on our behalf.


This money is now providing smaller, much needed charities and community organisations with a vital lifeline across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.


If you are aware of any health and wellbeing related organisations within your parishes that you believe may benefit from this fund, please share the following link to direct them to more information:




Changes to the 101 email Police Contact System

What is the issue?

Currently when partners and members of the public email us, we often need to engage in a lengthy email conversation to understand vital information which may have been left out of the initial message, and which is essential to both be able to understand the situation properly and respond appropriately.


This email back-and-forth can take significant time which, unfortunately, can then impact on our ability to deal with other reports coming not our contact centre in a timely way.


The use of the web forms available on our website will prevent this issue because they are constructed with “prompts” to ensure we have all the information we need from the very first time a member of the public gets in touch. This allows our response to be both faster and more efficient.


 To support the exclusive use of web forms, we aim to remove the facility to be able to send emails to 101 on 17 April.

New way to make a non-urgent/non-emergency report online


If you wish to make a non-emergency report to us, please go to our website: www.devon-cornwall.police.uk and the new web forms are available on the home page.

(Remember - if a crime is in progress or someone is in immediate danger, always call 999). 


What is not changing?


The 101 phone line and all emergency contact options remain unchanged.


This will only affect the old 101 email addresses (101@dc.police.uk or 101@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk)


All web forms will be dealt with by the same dedicated and hardworking contact team who would have picked up the email correspondence.


In the event you have any questions about this change, please contact Superintendent Matt Bourne via email: matthew.bourne@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk.


Thank you for your support.



Assistant Chief Constable Nikki Leaper



Adult Digital Exclusion

It is recognised that the only way of communicating with many commercial and government organisations is online. Elders and those on low incomes, the most vulnerable in our communities, will become disenfranchised as the growing use of technology makes them more isolated in our communities.


Cllr John Gundry has completed some research on this subject and has drafted a report that assesses the extent of this problem locally and provides useful information schemes available locally that provide opportunities to counter adult digital exclusion.


For those in the community that do not have internet access, the Local Libraries and Information Services at Liskeard and Looe can provide information on Council services closer to where you live. Including information on:


- library services

- housing

- benefits

- council tax

- disabled parking badges

- refuse and recycling


They can also offer advice on how to get information about applying for Council services online. Most have free internet access to the Council's website and other public service websites.


If you know of a member of the community who does not have internet access and is unable to travel to either of the local Cornwall Council Library and Information Services, at Liskeard or Looe, and needs assistance in accessing Cornwall Council services, and you are unable to assist directly, please ask them to contact Peter Seaman, Lanreath Parish Council Chair, either by 'phone or text to 07967 646081 and he will assist where he can.


Protect Duty Implications, Event Safety and Emergency Management

The link below enables the download of notes compiled by Cllr John Gundry following a recent Cornwall Council briefing on the implications of the forthcoming Protect Duty Bill and guidance on event safety and emergency management that may be of interest to community groups planning public events in the Parish.

No.77 Bus Timetable

For service updates and to download a pdf of the above timetable see Go Cornwall Bus 

Furzedown Community Fund

Photo of Wind Turbine

The Furzedown Community Fund are accepting applications for funding and help for community projects / educational needs / individual hardship etc.


Please apply, giving your reasons, and amount required to:


Mr J. Venning

Treire Farm,

Lanreath PL13 2PD


email:  j.venning@hotmail.co.uk

Lanreath Parish Council Privacy Notice


Your privacy is important to us and we take care to protect it. We will only share your data in very specific circumstances. Follow this link to view and download the council's General Privacy Notice 

If you have any questions about your data privacy, contact the Data Controller using the Contact Us page. 


The Webmaster Rachel Facey may be contacted at: weblanreathpc@gmail.com