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I thought it would be a great fun Lanreath Village initiative to invite as many people as possible to make a scarecrow and place it in their garden for the month of July.

We have all had a difficult winter and we all need a little bit of fun and community activity to bring us together again. A number of other villages around the country to do this and so I thought that this might bring a smile to everyone`s face as they come to our village.

I am going to host a short blessing of the scarecrows on LANREATH Village Green on Sunday 25h July at 5pm for half an hour. Please bring your scarecrow and a deck chair and of course this will be a family orientated event. We will be able to enjoy everyone`s weird and wonderful creations!

I am hoping that individual homes will take part as well as local businesses and organisations. I`ll be trying to make contact with as many as our local organisations as I can in the next few weeks to twist your arm and encourage you to join in.

If you have any questions feel free to ring me on 07383 621292 or our administrator Pippa on 07399 563440.

Let`s enter in and have some good community fun together and don`t forget to bring your scarecrows to the green on Sunday 25th July at 5pm


Richard Allen Rector of Trelawny

Lanreath Monthly Diary Dates

July 2021











1st Ladybirds VH


Band Practise VH 19:00


2nd Pickle Ball VH 11:00

Line Dancing VH 19:00



4th Church Service 09:30 Sea Sunday

5th Liskeard Shopper Bus 09:15

Walking Group 10:30

Badminton 19:00


6th Ladybirds VH 09:30-11:00

Choir VH 19:00



8th Ladybirds VH


Band Practise VH 19:00


9th Pickle Ball VH 11:00

Line Dancing VH 19:00



11th Church – Service 09:30


12th Liskeard Shopper Bus 09:15


13th Ladybirds VH 09:30-11:00

Choir Church 19:00


14th Art Group 12:00


15th Ladybirds VH 09:30-11:00

Band Practise VH 19:00


16th Pickle Ball VH 11:00

Line Dancing VH 19:00




18th Church Service 09:30


19th Liskeard Shopper Bus 09:15

Walking Group 10:30

20th Ladybirds VH 09:30-11:00

Parish Council 19:00




22nd Ladybirds VH 09:30-11:00



23rd Pickle Ball VH 11:00

Line Dancing VH 19:00




25th Church Service 17:00 Scarecrow Service



26th Liskeard Shopper Bus 09:15


27th Ladybirds VH 09:00-11:00

Choir 19:00

28th WI VH 19:30

29th Ladybirds VH 09:00-11:00

Band Practise VH 17:30




The Furzedown Community Fund

Are accepting applications for funding and help.

For community projects/educational needs/individual hardship etc.

Please apply giving your reasons and the amount required to:

Mr J Venning

Triere Farm



PL13 2PD

or email:

The village is very fortunate to have a defibrillator situation on the Millennium green. However, we have managed to secure funding from both our local turbines, The British Heart Foundation,  the County Councillors Community fund and the Amenities to enable us to recently purchase our second defibrillator from the British Heart Foundation which is situated outside of the Village Hall. This will be a great contribution to the residential area at the top end of the village and of course any functions that take place in the village hall. The list of trained responders will be the same for both defibrillators and is located next to them. The defibrillator is registered with the South Western Ambulance Service and all weekly and monthly checks will be carried out throughout the year by Sandra Pipe, and training for use of the defibrator will be a joint training session for both defibrillators for the named responders.

Following extensive fund raising, a handsome new 'The Owl and the Pussy Cat' weather vane was erected on top of the Millennium Building clock tower with a splendidly refurbished clock courtesy of volunteer members of the community.

The retaining wall for the Millennium Green was in imminent danger of collapse. This has now been completely rebuilt to a very high standard, with assistance from Viridor towards the funding, and local builder Neil Marshall for completion of the work.

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