The Lanreath and Pelynt Community Bus

The weekly shopping trip to Liskeard on a Monday at 09:30 has now resumed!


The Lanreath and Pelynt Community Bus can transport up to 16 passengers and was delivered in 2016 to the Lanreath and Pelynt Community Bus Association following a successful bid for funding under the then Ministry of Transport Community Transport Minibus Fund. Although the bus was provided through a central government grant, the maintenance of the service is funded through a service charge to users and by donations. The bus is operated exclusively by volunteer drivers.

For details of upcoming bus trips from Lanreath please see the village events calendar. Details may also be found in the current edition of the Lanreath Lifestyle.


The minibus is available for self-drive use by community groups within Lanreath and Pelynt. The minibus may be booked through the Lanreath Village Shop and Post Office which maintains a diary of bookings. Your group driver must hold either a full current driving license with a D1 (101) entitlement (only applicable if the driver passed the driving test before 1 January 1997), or hold a Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) D1 licence.


If your driver has not driven the minibus before they should contact Derek Stephenson: 01503 220560, prior to booking, to ensure that their details are included on the vehicle’s insurance.


We are always looking for additional volunteer drivers for regular minibus trips from Lanreath. If you would be interested in volunteering, please contact Derek Stephenson: 01503 220560


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